Favorite Things 24

This week marked the end of my Boston/Cape Cod/Rockport adventuring and my return to whatever reality an extraordinarily relaxed summer represents. Which is fine–I like my reality, on most days–but before I get into that, here are a few more images of my favorite things from vacation.


We took a day trip to Rockport on Monday. Rockport is a gorgeous little fishing and tourist town at the tip of the Cape Ann peninsula in Massachusetts. Quirky shops cater to the souvenir-minded tourist; fishing boats and piles of lobster traps, against the background of the beautifully rocky coast, are almost unbelievably picturesque. That picturesque reputation is responsible for much of Rockport’s economy: after the granite industry in the area was no longer productive, and as the fishing industry began to peter out, an art colony–which later developed into the thriving tourist trade–supplied the deficit. Motif #1, so named because it was often one of the first landscapes a visiting artist would attempt, is one of the most popular sights in Rockport. (Read more about Motif #1 here.) As I’m not exactly of an artistic bent, I just took pictures. Many, many pictures. 

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Rockport marked the end of our journeying. On Tuesday we packed the car, and on Wednesday I drove myself, the dog and the long-suffering cat back to DC. (An eight hour trip with a  cat and a dog in a car that is completely full is an adventure, to put it mildly. We all survived. Some of us were not happy.)  And while I hate the end of an adventure, it’s nice for things to get back to normal. (It helps that I’m planning another trip to visit the boyfriend in Boston next month.)  But here, home again, I’m slowly but surely unpacking the car, catching up on laundry, prepping blog posts, restocking the fridge, making to-do lists, and planning home improvement projects and sewing projects and recipes and all of the things that the busy school schedule prevents. And that’s also one of my favorite things.

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