Decking the walls

Early last week, as I was leaving for an exam (running late as usual, juggling my thermos and travel mug [coffee is fundamentally necessary to brain function at this point of the semester], books to study from and others to return to the library, gym clothes, ipod and study snacks), I literally tripped over this enormous branch that a recent storm had brought down in my front yard. I muttered a few obscenities (as, indeed, I am inclined to do in such circumstances), dumped my supplies for the day on the car, and turned around to throw the damn thing into the bushes.

Even after my clumsy entanglement with it, the branch was seriously the most perfect shape for decorating. It is large and flat: about 6 feet from tip to end, and about the same again from side to side, but only about 6 inches deep.

So instead of tossing it into the bushes, I propped it up in the entry way, intending to do something brilliant with it once I was done with all of my insane end-of-the-semester stuff.

And here’s what I did:


I kind of love it. A lot.

It almost doesn’t need a tutorial, but here goes:

  1. Find a branch. Flatter is better unless you plan to put it in a completely untrafficked space.  (Else you’ll put your eye out.)
  2. I used an old spool of packing twine and crocheted around a few of the branches, letting the ends of the cord hang loose. It adds kind of a random geometric element that I find very cool. I also twisted silver florist’s wire around a few branches, which I expected to be a bit shinier than it is. It is great in a close up, but doesn’t add much when you are across the room.

    Detail of accent work
  3. Hang it on the wall. I used coffee cup hooks that had been in my apartment when I moved it and just tied it up with some more of the twine.
  4. Decorate! (If you want to. I almost didn’t, it looked so designer-fabulous before- but I like it even more with some sparkle.) My jewelry finally gets a cool display, and some of my favorite Christmas ornaments are up there as well.

I had initially seen this as part of my Christmas decorating, but I love it so much that I think it is going to see me at least through the early spring.

One of the best parts? It looks cool, but cost absolutely nothing.