Fall Favorites

I spend more time on Pinterest… wait, no, that’s a little too specific. I spend way more time on the internet in general than is really wonderful for my to-do list. Such is life. But Pinterest, for those of you not (yet) addicted, is an inspiration site on which users (me, you, whoever) can post and organize images into collections. It’s fun. Lots of home décor stuff, lots of fashion, lots of pretty pictures of food. Like a picture book of Martha Stewart.

In honor of the whole fall thing that I’ve been gushing over, I’ve been collecting seasonal inspiration images over on Pinterest. Here are a few of my favorites.

I hadn’t quite noticed this theme until now—trails and walkways spooling out from the walker/viewer/photographer—but I’ve collected at least five more images that are similar. No idea why—something about long walks and paths not taken, I suspect. Anyway, the leaves are pretty.

Love all the decorations. And while throwing a huge fall party, complete with pussywillow centerpieces and caramel apples, might not be in this year’s schedule, it’s fun to look at the pictures and dream about a time when there will be time.

And the clothes! Here’s the story: I bought boots this year. Tall (up to my knee) flat boots. I live in South Carolina—I don’t need boots! But I bought ‘em, and suddenly I like my clothes again. There are so many new combinations! The boots butch up all of those frilly pastels that I love, boots + tights make skirts that are a tad too short comfortable again, they’ve kept all of my sundresses in rotation, and I feel awesomely badass in them. So yeah, the clothes!

And I need a pattern for this hat. Or maybe just I just need this hat.