Moments of beauty

I pulled over on my way to school today to take pictures of the most beautiful pink dogwood.

Standing close to the trunk of an immense pale pink tree is a very odd moment of pure beauty: the sun–which a moment ago was merely that which had made my car so hot–creates such beautiful shadows and depth within the branches; the breeze–rather than merely constantly blowing my hair into my eyes– made everything shift and rustle; the proliferation of pink blooms is so sharply outlined against a brilliant blue sky… it’s overwhelming and little unsettling.

I would have liked to stay there for hours, staring up, entranced, at the shifting branches. But alas, that wasn’t exactly on my agenda.

Nonetheless, this moment of unanticipated and overwhelming beauty just made my day.

Never saw the sun shinin’ so bright, never had things going so right

April in South Carolina almost makes up for August- the air is beautifully crisp, the sky is impossibly and brilliantly blue, the dogwood absolutely glows in the sunshine. It might just be my favorite month.

Ginger and I took a long walk this morning in the meandering streets behind my house. She chased squirrels, I took pictures and listened to Villette (which I’ve never read before and am loving.)

Aren’t these gorgeous? They were growing several feet above my head, so I kind of hung on the side of a fence and madly snapped pictures with the other hand. I do hope the owners of said fence were still asleep.

Off to the salt mines, but I hope your day is as beautiful as mine has begun, and that you get a chance to enjoy it.