Welcome to Southern Bluestocking, where I ponder, wonder, and analyze endlessly.

I teach gender studies at a university in Washington D.C., and everything I see, interpret, (and therefore write about) has an unapologetic feminist slant. I am angry about many things in this world and occasionally rant. I think we need more angry women, more vocal women, and that’s who I want to be.

I come from a background of silent women– I was raised in an evangelical fundamentalist home, and learned the lessons I was taught about the role of a woman (subservient), the place of a woman (home), and the worth of a woman (eh, as long as she’s pure and in her place? sure!). Luckily, I was also raised in a home that paired the Sunday toxicity with a Saturday library trip… so I escaped through books, books that helped me to imagine a world that didn’t revolve around an angry and unpropitiateable deity. And unpropitiateable is absolutely a word, even if I can’t find anything to back that up at the moment.

In addition to teaching I’m working on my PhD in literature. I’m particularly focused on the function of the ghost in the Victorian supernatural, especially in stories written by women. Women frequently utilized the marginalized genre of the supernatural tale to imagine alternate power structures–and I love me some alternate power structures. I also frequently get completely mesmerized by incredibly obscure arcana, like the rhyme structure of a 17th c sonnet or the meaning of windows in children’s literature. Because why not?

Have a question, suggestion, or just want to say hi? Drop me a line at southernbluestocking@gmail.com–I’d love to hear from you!

1 thought on “About”

  1. Came across your blog as I was doing research on Les Mierables, book. Not what you call a reader at all, I have started and currently working on this book before the movie premiers Christmas day. Very hungry to read more, like Thomas Hardy, Jane Austin and Charlotte Brontee. Defininately, I was born in the wrong era. Good luck with your blog.

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