Lydia, the tattooed lady

Full disclosure: I have no tattoos, but I’m fascinated by them. In an alternate reality, I have full sleeves (to go along with my pink hair and motorcycle). (In this alternate reality, I may also be an angsty loft-dweller in a garage band, but that’s a topic for another day.)

Anyway. Tattoos. Love ’em in theory, but (for me) they’re the type of thing that need to be done impulsively, and my over-thinking-ness doesn’t really allow for such impulsivity. So I admire from a distance.

Or, as with these, up close. Just wow.

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These figurines are created by artist Jessica Harrison, whose show is currently on display at Galerie L.J. in Paris. I’m sure they cost the very earth, but I can’t help imagining how great one would look, enlivening the inevitably staid china cabinet.

The title is from a song made popular by Groucho Marx; Dinah Lord sings it in The Philadelphia Story (1940).

More about Jessica Harrison here, here, and here.

Complete (and hilarious!) lyrics to “Lydia, the tattooed lady” here.

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