What are you reading? (And Happy Memorial Day!)

Monday.readingThe thing I look forward to most in summer–in any break from school, really–is the chance to spend long, lovely, lazy days in long, lovely novels. I know, I know. The beach, the concerts, the… whatever. The books! And while a weekly reading roundup might be slightly depressing during the school year (we’ll see how it goes), the next few months promise to be chock-full of new favorites, old friends, and probably a few complete misses. And since there’s nothing more fun than talking about books… let’s chat!

Here’s what I’ve been reading this week:


  • The Glass of Time, Michael Cox   Review here
  • This House is Haunted, John Boyne  Review to come

Currently Reading: 

  • The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay, Michael Chabon   Review(s) to come
  • Queer Phenomenoloy: Orientations, Objects, Others, Sara Ahmed*
  • The Online Writing Conference: A Guide for Teachers and Tutors, Beth L. Hewett**
  • Why Race and Gender Still Matter: An Intersectional Approach, Ed. Namita Goswami, et. al.***

* This is a leftover from the semester. Through an unexpected confluence of events, a presentation that I was scheduled to do on this text was bumped due to time constraints. Instead, we decided to have a “conversation” about it after the semester’s end. I really should be farther along on it than I am, but I keep getting pulled into those lovely long novels.

** This is for one of my summer jobs. I’m developing and implementing an online component to our writing center (where I worked for the first three semester’s at AU.) There are so many concerns: how not to lose the conversational structure of a writing center conference is the most primary, but I’m also deciding on and experimenting with various web-based platforms. It’s all incredibly exciting. In my personal and humble.

*** This is for another of my summer jobs–how lucky am I that my summer jobs will actually help my career? I guess at this point in my education they are supposed to, but I am continually grateful that I’m not working at a grocery store. You know, like I was this time 2 years ago.–Anyway. Pollyanna moment over. I’m TAing for a summer course named (wait for it) Gender, Body, and Society. I KNOW! Amazing. The first several readings in the class talked about the problematics of online writing (how to convey tone, the built-in biases) (which will be immeasurably helpful as I’m writing the articles about the online writing center project); later readings have been talking about gender in the Cartesian split (the still-prevalent division and prioritization of mind and body) which I’ve been mildly obsessed with since reading Nancy Mairs’ Voice Lessons: On Becoming a (Woman) Writer. Fascinating stuff. Love it all. If only I could tear myself away from Kavalier and Clay….

So that’s what I’ve been working on this week–how bout you?

And Happy Memorial Day!

Today I’m thinking of my grandfathers (now deceased) both of whom served in the Navy in World War 2.

David TeVault - WWII
















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