Changing the conversation: birth control, abortion, and the things we all support

15995900-abstract-word-cloud-for-birth-control-with-related-tags-and-termsMost women use birth control. Widespread access to birth control can decrease abortions up to 71%. If you hate abortion, you should be supporting access to birth control. The reason extreme conservatives conflate the birth control conversation with the abortion conversation is that they don’t want to prevent pregnancy termination, they want prevent non-procreative sex. And not just for teenagers, but for anyone who wants to plan the timing of her family. And that’s a difficult argument to sell.

second CDC report released on Thursday shows that 99.1 percent of sexually experienced women ages 15 to 44 who were surveyed between 2006 and 2010 have used some form of contraception, up from 98.2 percent in 2002. Ninety-three percent of sexually experienced women have used condoms at some point in their lives, and roughly four out of every five women have used birth control pills.

Read the whole HuffPo article from which the above quote was drawn here.

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