Favorite Things 23*

C and I have spent the last several days vacationing on Cape Cod. We’ve been touring and shopping and eating perhaps more than strictly necessary and lazing around on the beach and generally just relaxing and remembering what it means to feel human. And it has been absolutely wonderful. It’s early enough in the season that the beaches are empty; the restaurants and shops that will be packed in a month are still enjoyable. It’s a little cool for swimming, though there are the intrepid few, but I’m content to dabble my feet in the shallows and watch the waves crash.

Amazingly, as much as I love wine, I’ve never toured a winery. We tried a few years ago at the Biltmore in North Carolina, but ended up just waiting out a storm with a glass of wine (or two) and skipping the tour. This time, though, the weather was glorious during our expedition to the Truro Vineyards. We tromped through grape arbors and aging facilities and left with perhaps a few more bottles of wine than planned. Which is perfectly fine by me.

Mother of god, we ate a lot. There’s another post in the works about my favorite meals, drinks, clam chowders and over-all restaurant experience on the Cape–and wow, did we found some great ones–but even more than all of that deliciousness, I love sitting in the sunset, sipping something fabulous, re-living the best parts of the day.

I tend to stop at bookstores. I always think– and I’m usually right– that there is some amazing find, buried behind that precarious pile of paperbacks. We visited several amazing bookstores: I walked away with nine incredible finds, had a weirdly intense conversation with a bookstore clerk about the merits of Roland Barthes, and thoroughly enjoyed the hours I spent browsing the shelves.

We spent a day and a half exploring a few of the beaches around Cape Cod. C likes to look for sea glass; I like to sit on the beach and stare at the waves. There’s something about the water crashing in that makes all of my hoarded up stress just float away. And more than some fantastic drink or an amazing book, that was my favorite thing of all.

*23 as in the 23rd week of the year. Maybe you’re smart enough to assume that, but it would have confused me.

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