Regaining Balance

I love the first of the year. There’s something about a fresh start that just makes me happy–it makes the mistakes (or even the imperfect or sporadic successes) of the last year seem less devastating.

As usual, I have a load of resolutions, some of which I’ll be discussing here a little later in the month, but the most primary–indeed, the focus of nearly all of my goals this year–is an attempt to find some balance in my life.

The past four months, my first semester of grad school, have been both incredibly difficult and absolutely wonderful. I love what I’m doing. But I get so enmeshed in whatever I’m studying ( and god, there is so much work) that I sort of lose my place in the real world. I don’t sleep, I live on junk food, I don’t leave my desk… I go a little nuts. It is neither healthy nor productive.

So this year, the most important thing is to find some balance. I want to create a schedule that I can live by, I want to work well ahead of my deadlines, I want to have time to work and time to relax.

And with that in mind, I’m making lists and planning plans, dreaming of ideal arrangements of tasks and errands and to-do lists, the magical combination that will lend me additional hours and keep my life organized.

As with all of my grand plans, I’m fairly certain that my success will be slightly less complete than what I’m envisioning–but here’s hoping!
Today I love: mimosas, Margaret Rutherford, and fireplaces.


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