Favorite Five

Several of the blogs I read include some sort of weekly retrospective post—usually a listing of their favorite things of the week. Since I always enjoy reading theirs, it seemed like something I should try to implement—I so like the idea of creating a space in which to think about and record the good stuff—serious and frivolous—in life. So without further ado, I introduce Favorite Five!

1. Favorite blog post this week: Gala Darling’s Hurricane Sandy: The Aftermath

Most of the blogs I enjoy are written by people I can imagine being friends with. The bookish sorts. The slightly awkward in high school but flaunting it now. So I can’t really explain why I like Gala Darling so much, just that I do. It might be her tattoos, it might be her puffy skirts, it might be that she never has grammatical errors in her text. But her post this week—written from New York in the midst of/just after Hurricane Sandy hit–is a serious moment in a blog that is usually a little (gloriously) frivolous. Read her post here.






2. Favorite thing this week: a pretty new pashmina


One of my besties came to visit last weekend, and we had an amazing time. We browsed through shops in Georgetown, watched early Halloween revelries on Dupont Circle, and spent Saturday morning at Eastern Market. I bought a beautiful brown hat (I do love pretty hats) and several gorgeous (and inexpensive!) pashminas. I rarely wear a scarf, even one as wide as a pashmina, as a shawl—something a bit too drapey about it for me—so I especially like that this one worked tied into a Four in Hand under the big collar on this sweater.




3. Favorite song this week: Ho Hey, The Lumineers

My so-creative boyfriend frequently makes me mixes of music that he thinks I’ll like—and over the past five years, he’s gotten very good at it. At the moment, this is my favorite:

4. Favorite moment of the week: Zydeco music on Dupont Circle

Saturday night we went to Dupont Circle to browse through the shops… and instead were arrested by the most gloriously exuberant music. I especially liked the little lady in the red coat, dancing across the street to join the musicians.

5. Favorite Plan: A paper on Byatt’s Possession and The Madwoman in the Attic

The guidelines for the final paper in my Theories and Methodologies class are very flexible: basically, we are just to find something connected to literary theory and write a twenty page paper about it. So! I’m going to look at all of those lovely fairy tales that intersperse the text in Byatt’s Possession through the lens of The Madwoman in the Attic. There are all sorts of connections: glass coffins and keys and princess with golden hair that grows after death. I absolutely love the novel, I love the theory, and I’m so very excited.

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