Favorite Things: Urban Decay All-Nighter

Last July, about a week before flying to Japan, I wandered through an Ulta looking for an eyeliner that wouldn’t smear in the Kyoto humidity. I explained my needs to the clerk (whose eyeliner was absolutly un-budgy) and, after directing me to Aqua Eyes eyeliner (which I also highly recommended) she asked me if I’d ever heard of All-Nighter*.

Resisting my impulse to make a fourth-grader joke (hee hee—all nighter!), I listened politely as she raved.

And then I bought a bottle. At $29.00 it definitely wasn’t the cheapest impulse purchase I’ve ever made, but neither was it the most I’ve spent on a purely luxury product.

And now, dear readers, some considerable time later, I’m reporting back to you:


Although my life doesn’t run to all-nighters all that frequently—well, not the makeup-requiring kind (textbooks are more forgiving)—it certainly works for my fourteen hour days. It’s quite fabulous. It keeps my mascara and my eyeliner (and any other makeup that might be happening) absolutely in place.

I mist it on when I’m done with my eye makeup and any blemish camouflage, give it a minute or so to set, and then dust on some powder. And voila! Instead of surreptitiously doing the Q-tip under the eye thing every few hours, whatever I put on in the morning isn’t moving until I wash my face at night.

Also, I use it every day I wear makeup (roughly 4 days a week) and I’m barely halfway done with the bottle. So it’s going to cost less than a dollar a month. Which works in anybody’s budget.

Find it here, from Ulta; here from Sephora; or here from the company directly. (Oddly enough, Urban Decay is offering an extra large bottle (6 oz instead of the usual 4) for just $18.00. That may be a temporary price reduction (usually the large size is $34.00), so right now might be a good time to try this product out!

Purchasing particulars aside, I absolutely recommend Urban Decay All-Nighter.

So what about you? Anything else from Urban Decay that I’ve just got to try? (I’ve never really used anything else they sell.) An unbudgy eyeliner? The best mascara this side of Cabaret? Drop me a line in the comments.

* If I received any sort of remuneration for my opinions a) I likely wouldn’t be so stressed about money and b) there would be ads in the sidebar over there. Nope, all you see is books and words. That means all my opinions are my own, and I’m not getting anything from Urban Decay for this shout-out. Just so ya know.

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