I am not good at change.

I know, I know. If you don’t change, you stagnate. Change is good. The chaos that precedes change is necessary. Change is how we grow.

I know. But still. I’m not good at it. And this moving thing? Ugh. I kick boxes when I can’t find things in them. I had a mini-meltdown this morning because I couldn’t find the measuring cup I wanted. I am profoundly unsettled. (I’m also a true delight to be around, just so ya know.)

But, as I’ve been reminding myself pretty much constantly throughout the last two weeks, (usually in my Julia Child voice, which renders all advice infinitely more effective)  this too shall pass. And it is passing. Little by little, I’m getting first this corner how I want it, then that drawer organized, then figuring out where I can keep my eyeliners and what I did with the purse rack. It’s progressing.

And one of the things that makes this new place a little closer to home is displaying my favorite belongings. And the top of that list is my collection of Penguin Clothbound Classics.

Beth's Penguin Hardcover Classics Collection - August, 2012[3]

I’ve loved this collection since I first saw them in presale advertisements. And in the past year, my guy—who is very good at picking out things for me that I absolutely love—has bought me all of these. A few for my birthday, a few for Christmas, Emma showed up after my car exploded on the highway, Tess joined the ranks after I raved about the Masterpiece Classics miniseries (which if you haven’t seen yet, you absolutely should), and Cranford –and the miniseries on Blu-ray which is quite wonderful—was a “welcome to your new place” present. (Ok, this post is equal parts ‘I hate moving’  and ‘Yes, I’m spoiled rotten.’)

Anyway, I love these books. They make it feel like home.

4 thoughts on “Belonging”

  1. You have a winner on your hands – my boyfriend needs some lessons. While I don’t like all the books in the clothbound series, I do LOVE the way they look and I bet they’re a fantastic decorating tool. I just moved too and you’re so right. Mini-meltdowns abound. Yesterday I couldn’t find a bottle opener (because moving leads you to drink) and I was talking to my cats about it for almost fifteen minutes. BAH. You’ll get it all settled. I don’t like change either (we have so much in common) and so moving stinks.

    1. Moving definitely leads to drinking! Next time I have to do it (ugh, may it be far far away) I’m going to put together a “meltdown survival kit” which will contain a candle, a bottle opener and a bottle or so of something delicious. Good luck getting settled in!

  2. Reading your blog in many ways is like looking into a mirror. I, too, just moved to the DC area to begin graduate study (at University of Maryland). I’m struggling with getting all my stuff settled into a new place, crafting a great desk area where I can study and write (although the slouchy old burgundy armchair will certainly be the best spot for skimming hefty historical monographs!).

    I’ve now been in the area for almost two weeks and getting out to explore my surroundings has helped with the stress of getting settled. That, and a good bottle of wine–twist-off cap, mind you, so I don’t have to worry about rummaging for the bottle opener!

    1. Good luck getting settled! You probably live minutes from me–I’m within walking distance of UMD. Studying history? Sounds like fun–are you specializing? And yes, the bottle of wine–twist off, but of course–makes it all better. I can’t wait to get out and start exploring. So far I’ve only found the grocery (Giant), Starbucks and Target, but I’m looking forward to the rest. There’s supposed to be a good farmer’s market on Sunday at Tacoma Park, which I may try. Anyway, good luck! 🙂

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