Favorite Things: Village Naturals Therapy Aches and Pains

Fact: moving is hard work.

Yes, I know, there are companies that will do all the heavy lifting… but when you’re pinching pennies, you do it yourself. (And if you’re really lucky, you’ve got somebody who carries the other end of the dresser in. And earns your eternal gratitude by calmly helping to repositioning the furniture. Again.)

So with all that dresser-toting and furniture repositioning, I’ve done more heave-ho-ing in the past week than I did ages ago lifting Lanae up into an extension. Cheerleading__Extension_(Once upon a time I was a cheerleader. At a very strict Baptist high school. Our cheerleading skirts were down to our knees and we wore turtlenecks. I have so many reasons to be screwed up.) Anyway, I was one of the people on the bottom, not because I was particularly strong or anything, but because I was exactly the same height as another girl on the squad, Becca, who was in charge of Lanae’s other foot. To do an extension, the two bases (the girls on bottom staring up the other girl’s shorts) start out with your hands cupped out at waist level, the flyer (the chick on top who most frequently breaks her tailbone or her neck) jumps into their hands (with the assistance of the person in back, or in our case, Michele) and (hopefully) using the flyer’s upwards momentum, the bases lift her feet to shoulder level, swiveling their hands to cup the toe and the heel and then extend their arms over their head. Hopefully all that lifting power came from the abs (not the back or shoulders) so at the end of the ballgame—or worse still—at the end of cheerleading camp—any movement involves a great deal of groaning.

I know, cheerleading camp. Laugh it up. I’ll wait.

But muscle pain is where I started, and to muscle pain I’m now returning. Between the (thankfully short) flight of stairs to my new place, the two-foot step-up and step-down from the back of the moving truck, and the fourteen boxes of books that I packed, I’m in pain and have the (52!!) bruises to show for it. Which is where today’s Favorite Thing comes in.

Village Naturals sells a number of specific lines of bath products; I have (and really like) their Aches & Pains, Allergy & Congestion, and Cough & Cold. Each line of products includes bath salts, bath oil and body wash. In my area, they are available at Target, Rite Aid and, of course, on Amazon. Check here for sellers near you or to read more about this product.

So this morning I woke up early and hobbled to the bathtub for a regenerating soak. And forty-five minutes later (and 3/4 of a Vogue later), I emerged feeling soothed and refreshed. And smelling a bit like a herb, which I’m totally ok with.

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