Chicken Challenge: Cook the Pantry (day 3) Peach Lime Tortillas

This is day 3 of The Great Chicken Challenge–just to remind you, this week I’m forcing myself to think more creatively about my food options with a cooking challenge. I began with a 4.25 lb chicken and I’m creating at least five different meals from the meat and whatever is in my (somewhat bare) pantry. The first day I roasted the chicken and ate it with roast veggies, yesterday I made barbecue pastry pockets, and today I’m making tacos.

I didn’t want anything too heavy for lunch today, or anything that took too long, and this recipe fit the bill exactly. It took about 15 minutes to get lunch on the table and it absolutely hit the spot. And, depending on how much cheese you use, it’s really quite healthy: adding corn to the chicken ensures a bit more veggie consumption and cuts down on the ratio of meat to tortilla (also works wonders in stretching meat); pile the lettuce and tomatoes high and call it a salad!

Here’s what I used:

1/3 cup of cooked chicken*
1/3 cup of corn (I started with frozen, if using a can, just drain and add to the meat)
cumin and chili powder (or taco seasoning, or whatever you prefer)
whatever taco fixings are on hand: tortilla shells or chips (to make a taco salad), lettuce, tomatoes, salsa, cheese

Here’s what I did:

First, I took about a third a cup of cooked chicken, shredded it into a skillet, added about a tablespoon of water and stirred in about a teaspoon each of chili powder and cumin. (They’re spicy—go easier if that’s not your thing.) Bring the mixture to a simmer. Photo6

Then I put about a third cup of frozen corn in the microwave with a few tablespoons of water and a bit more chili and cumin for the four minutes the package recommended. When the corn was done, I drained most of the water and added the corn to the chicken in the skillet, mixing the two together and and turning the stove down to low. I then mixed in about a teaspoon of lime juice. Photo4

While the corn was cooking and the chicken was simmering, I chopped my tomatoes, located the jar of salsa that I knew  I had somewhere (it was hiding behind the oatmeal) and lightly grilled the tortilla shells. Photo5

And then just put it all together! I used peach salsa, which is wonderful with chicken (and is the only salsa I had in the house), lettuce, tomatoes, and a bit of cheese.

  This is where the oh-so-mouthwatering picture of the assembled chicken tortilla should go. And I took said picture, but I accidently deleted the durn thing. But it was delicious. And it looked delicious. Le sigh.

But it looked a little like this:


These were delicious (as I believe I mentioned above), hotter than hell and way messy, as a taco should be. Chicken and corn play well together, and the spices gave it plenty of kick, the lime juice and the peach salsa gave the flavors just enough of a twist to make it interesting. Yum!

Also yum—basil lemonade. Deeelicious.


I was inspired by this and this recipe.

*These amounts made enough of the chicken/corn mixture for 4 small tacos. (As I only had 2 tortilla shells, and I don’t exactly need to eat 4 tacos for lunch, I’m freezing the remainder for a too-busy-to-cook day. It’d be good on top of a baked potato or added into a cheese dip for tortilla chips.)


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