Chicken Challenge: Cook the Pantry (day 2) Barbeque Chicken Pockets

Photo5 (2)This is what was left  from the first meal of my challenge :

Just to remind you—this week I’m battling both a case of writer’s block and a complete boredom with my food options with a cooking challenge. I began with a 4.25 lb chicken and I’m creating at least five different meals from the meat and whatever is in my pantry. Yesterday I went simple: roast chicken and veggies, a meal I’ve made and enjoyed forty-two zillion times. Great, but maybe a little boring. So today, I’m trying something new.

Day 2 of the Chicken Challenge

For this I used one of the (many) cans of refrigerated biscuits from the back of the fridge, about a third of a cup of shredded chicken, four or five baby carrots (grated), and a bit of barbeque sauce.

First, preheat the oven to 350 and lightly grease a sheet pan.

Roll each biscuit out to about 5-6”biscuit.disc













Mix shredded chicken, grated carrots and a tablespoon or so of barbeque saucechicken.carrot

Place biscuit-discs on greased pan, spoon chicken mixture onto one side of each disc, fold over, crimp edges and slice a vent in the top of eachbbc chicken

Bake for 12-15 minuteschicken pockets

Serve with barbeque sauceand gone

So freaking good.

The carrots aren’t absolutely necessary, so skip them if you’re out. They just stretch the meat a bit and make it a tad healthier.

Consider brushing the tops of the pockets with egg white to make them get all golden-brown.

These would be perfect for a simple appetizer at a party—maybe for Independence Day?

I found inspiration for this (totally successful) cooking experiment here and here.

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