Sweater Update: shoulders and torso

I began knitting a sweater—my first sweater—at the beginning of April. (Links to the pattern and my yarn choice here.) And finals and graduation and grad school decisions intervened and I got sidetracked.

Photo2This is the pattern that I’m knitting. The model’s got a slight case of grouchy-face, but I intend to be much happier in my sweater than she.

So this week (after a friend asked how the sweater was going and I had to say “um, I don’t actually remember where I was when I stopped”) I went back to it. And I’m happy to report that it’s going quite well.


My most recent challenges have been figuring out how to move the stitches that will be the sleeves onto waste yarn and how to cast on stitches (those four at the bottom of the armhole in the picture to the right) using the backwards loop method. Neither task was particularly difficult—so far the knowledge required for this sweater only just slightly exceeds what I already know, making it the perfect next-step in my learning process.

Photo1 (1)Truthfully, I’m a bit bored with the stockingette stitch—and I have six more inches of it to go in the body of the sweater—but I’m afraid something lacy or cabled might have made this a bit too complicated for a first attempt. My next sweater, however, will be lacy!

I like the way the colors are coming together. It’s much more distinctly striped than I thought it would be, but I think it works. I’ll be wearing this non-stop during the fall with jeans and tall boots, bag slung across my shoulder and coffee mug sloshing as I rush to class.

2 thoughts on “Sweater Update: shoulders and torso”

  1. Gorgeous and perfect fall colors! You are making great progress. I’ve knitted scores of hats and mittens and scarves and socks, but never finished a sweater – hats off to you! You are so close to finished now and I love how you are picturing yourself wearing it so happily – nice image and very motivating. Happy knitting! Ruby

    1. Thanks! I’m loving this project. And I absolutely recommend this pattern as a step up from scarves–though you’re ahead of me, as I’ve never yet tried socks. Perhaps that will be my next project 🙂

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