Hometown explorations

My aunt and her best friend came to visit this weekend, and I had a wonderful few days showing off my hometown. Here’s a bit of what we did:


1-2) admired all the gorgeous candy at Mast General
3) watched a street performer: hula hoop guy on stilts
4 ) the cutest couple I’ve ever seen–dancing to Old Time Rock and Roll in the street
5) nighttime ambiance
6) a statue of Max Heller, the mayor of Greenville in the 70’s–it makes me smile because it looks like he’s doing air guns
7-9) pretty rocks from the Gem Mine, an oddly addictive store
10) and the one that came home with me: a large agate (I think?) that’s going to live on my desk

I’ve had so much fun wandering around this town I’ve lived in for the last few years. But it’s kind of bittersweet- I’m excited about moving in August–grad school and next steps and all that–but I’ll miss this town. I’ve been so very happy here.

(Please excuse any horrific formatting decisions–I’m blogging for the next week or so on my phone as my computer is being repaired.)

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