Casting On: my first sweater

After completing more scarves than anyone needs, I’ve decided to step up my game a little bit and try something harder. I chose the Amiga cardigan for my first sweater as it primarily uses stitches with which I’m familiar, but introduces a few new techniques.

Also, you know, it’s cute.

I’m using Patons Kroy sock yarn in “Clover Colors”, which is knitting up into a gorgeous combo of greens and browns with touches of orange and gold. The colors seem very autumnal, and since it’s kind of a big project, I’m not going to be heartbroken if this isn’t done until the cooler weather comes around again.

So far, it’s a perfect step up from my knit/purl scarves and my very limited lace experience. In creating the yoke and the shoulder increases, I’ve learned the proper use of stitch markers (on the needle, not the yarn. Who knew?) and how to do a kfb [knit front and back], both thanks to youtube videos. And I’ve many more similar accomplishments ahead—after finishing this part, I’ll be learning how to do button holes and sleeves—heady aspirations, but aspirations, nonetheless. Photo1 (1)

I love the way this is coming together—already I can see how the increases are creating the shape of the sweater, and the yarn is so pretty that it’s fun to work with. So yay for knitting projects!

2 thoughts on “Casting On: my first sweater”

  1. Good Luck! I knitted my first proper jumper last year. It went really well up until I had to start sewing it all together, and then I just got nervous and put it in a bag (where it is still waiting for me to finish it).

    Your post has got me thinking, maybe it’s time to take it out again and finish it off at last.

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