Hanging gardens

Over the weekend, I made the most delicious soup known to man. I know, I know. I already told you this.

The recipe required both thyme and sage. Not much. Just a little of each. But I had it in my head that I wanted to use fresh herbs instead of dried, and so I shelled out nearly $3.00 for each package. True, it’s not like I ran through the Vanderbilt fortune right there, but still, it adds up.

That’s one part of the reason behind this post– the other part is that (yay!) my first grad school acceptance came through at the end of last week. I don’t know if this is the program that I’ll end up with—it’s a good one, and very tempting—but regardless of that decision, it is suddenly incredibly real that I’m moving. I’ve been afraid to even think about the future for the past few months (because, holy mother, what if I don’t get in anywhere), and now, suddenly, it’s ok to dream.

And dream I have. My boards on Pinterest and my recent archived blog posts reflect my sudden fascination with organizational techniques, decorating ideas, and cleaning methods.

Oh, and herb gardens. So many herb gardens.

These are my favorites:

This hanging garden idea (to the left) is from the blog Upcycled Stuff—I love that it is made from soup cans (because really, who doesn’t have soup cans?) and twine… and while I like her version using chalkboard paint, I’m dreaming about a strong turquoise against those bright green leaves. And I also love that it would take up very little space— a nail in a sunny window frame would completely supply all of my herb needs.

I think I like this one so much just because of the sheer cleverness of reusing a hanging shoe organizer. This version requires a little more effort than the previous (reinforced hooks to bear the weight, a larger sunlit space in which to hang it) but has room for so many more herbs. And it’s just so clever. Find the full tutorial here.

This one might be my favorite—I’ve never tried growing things upside down, but I love the idea of having herbs growing above my kitchen sink. I’d put rosemary, sage, thyme and basil up there—and  I’d be using them all the time. I’m thinking of trying this one before my move… but where can I find enough tin cans? The how-to is here.

And I love these windows full of herbs. Can’t you just imagine the sun streaming through the leaves, dappling the walls with sweet-smelling shadows? (Click on each  image for the link.)

I’m not sure if I’ll try these before I move, or just keep stockpiling ideas to implement in my shiny new grad school life (which, invariably, will look just like this one.) Either way, a fancy new herb garden is definitely in my future!

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