Next on Netflix: Bramwell

Gracious. Not to be all “this is what you  should watch on Netflix” but yeah, this is what you should watch on Netflix. Bramwell is a British miniseries from the 80’s (and yes, it looks like a miniseries from the  80’s) but it is absolutely wonderful.

Ok, so I just started watching. I’m two four episodes in. Maybe it’s going to get horrible, but right now it’s amazing.

Jemma Redgrave (niece of Vanessa and Lynn, cousin of Joely and Natasha) is Eleanor Bramwell, a female doctor in 1895. After being expelled from the hospital at which she has trained because she told a female patient that she has syphilis, how she got it (her so-respectable husband), and the (many) dangers of the prescribed operation (extraction of her ovaries), she establishes a free hospital in the slums.

So far (episode 2) we’ve dealt with the issue of the “worthy poor” as opposed to the actual poor,  the responsibilities and the politics of medicine, women’s rights, women’s education, bloomers,  temperance and (gasp!) interracial marriage.

Holy mother, this is good. If this were a series of books, I’d have Amazon’d them all tonight… so it’s probably good that it’s available on Netflix Instant.

Anyways. This is what you should be watching. In my humble opinion.

1 thought on “Next on Netflix: Bramwell”

  1. I saw the entire series as originally broadcast on UK Independent TV from 1995 to 1998 (it was made in the 90’s not the 80’s) It’s a great series for the most part but I should warn you that (in my opinion) the last two episodes (which were feature length ) go completely off the rails and I found the ending a profound disappointment

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