The Scenic Route

I got lost on the way home from school today. I got off at an exit where I was convinced there was a Schlotzsky’s Deli and ended up instead in the middle of Podunk Holler (which, truthfully, is never all that distant in South Carolina.)

And although I had several things to do this afternoon—a meeting at work, some prep for school tomorrow—instead, I just drove, admiring the clouds  and making faces at cows. 1.11.12 025

I’ve been a little tense lately. Even now, at the end of the holiday, as I’m supposed to be gearing up for the next semester, I just feel like I can’t catch up. It’s not about sleep—I’ve slept plenty. It’s not really about down-time—while this vacation has had more responsibilities and deadlines than I’d prefer during the holidays, I’ve still taken time to read and relax.

1.11.12 027

But still. Everything is on fast-forward lately. I just can’t seem to chill.

But you know what? Now I have.

1.11.12 029

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