Just ducky

This is verging into look-at-the-preeeeetty-presents-I-got territory, but bear with me. Had I known this particular item existed before I got it for Christmas (from my boyfriend, who consistently provides me with things that I didn’t know I had to have) (which is, indeed, the definition of the perfect present), I’d have bought it for myself. And now it’s kind of a necessity.

When I opened it, I giggled. I did all of the girly things that humiliate one in retrospect, then I made a cup of tea. Nope, I’m not British. Here’s why I made tea:



It was included in a package with some larger gifts that were probably supposed to be the highlight. I think I eventually looked at them, but the ducky tea infuser was definitely and absolutely the winner. (C’mon. Of COURSE it was. I mean look at it.) I love this thing.  If you are interested, buy it here. And keep it to remind yourself that life, regardless of hot water application, is absolutely ducky. 

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