Regardless of how you feel about Barbie…

this is insanely cool. And this is just the shade of pink hair that I’ve been dreaming of…

Here’s an article from The Week about the newest addition to Barbie world. 

I never really got  the whole Barbie thing. I had cousins with the whole shebang–dolls in unopened boxes, huge Frankenstein vats of miscellaneous body parts, countless shoe boxes overflowing with clothes and hats and hard plastic shoes– and a neighbor down the street had a similarly extensive collection, but they didn’t really pop up in our house. I don’t remember it being a big thing–Mom didn’t keep them away from us for any of the reasons that are current popular concerns, Barbies just didn’t seem all that compelling. They didn’t do anything–they just stood there. Lite-Brite and Play-doh were better. I think I had a Skipper–she came with a plastic schoolroom that changed into a bedroom set. The room–with all these awesome little interlocking plastic pieces like a desk that flipped over into a headboard–was awesome. The doll–eh, not so much. And we played with Barbies from the fifties, complete with winged eyeliner and bouffant hair, that had belonged to my aunt and mom– but they weren’t really much fun either. I’m much rather have had a book. 

But anyway. I like this. I don’t mean I want this, as the beginning of some sort of scary-lady collection–but I kind of want her hair. And her sleeve. I’m not so much in favor of anything she is wearing. The sweater–ok. Maybe. But those god-awful leopard-print leggings, the micro pink leather skirt or the shiny silver heels are pretty horrid. But if you switch out all that out for a pair of skinny jeans, give her some studsy knee-high boots–well, I’d be all over that. Metaphorically, of course. Because, well, I’m not into plastic dolls like that. Or really at all. Nevermind. 

That’s all.  

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