“Birthdays are of no importance–it’s a day like any other on which one has to do one’s work.”

“You’d much better be thinking about your work. Birthdays are of no importance to a rational being. It’s a day like any other on which one has to do one’s work.”  –Anna Karenina, Leo Tolstoy

Happy birthday to me! Yeah, I’m doing things a little differently than Senor Tolstoy. I don’t have class today, and the rest of this week is my school’s fall break, so I’m spending this day exactly as I like.  My boyfriend gets here Thursday (let out on good behavior, a/k/a law school fall break), and we’ll celebrate the oh-happy-day together then, but today, on the actual day of my birthday, I’m flying solo. Know what? I can’t wait. Here’s what my just-for-me day looks like:

  1. I’m sleeping as late as possible. Right there, that’s kind of magical. The (three) alarms are turned off, I’ve drawn the curtains and ensured that my importunate cat has enough food.
  2. I’ve pulled my favorite movies from my collection–Amalie, Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day, P.S. I Love You, Down with Love, Murder on the Orient Express, Pride and Prejudice (the BBC version), The Thin Man (collection), the Bogart and Bacall movies and Romeo and Juliet (both Luhrmann and Zeffirelli)—and stacked them all up, ready to go on top of the TV.
  3. I have a can of orange cinnamon rolls in the fridge, ready for breakfast (whenever that happens to be) and the coffee maker is ready to go. Yum.
  4. All of the books I’m reading (The Children’s Book, American Gods, and American Psycho) are either stacked up on the nightstand or queued up on the Kindle.
  5. I have potato chips, Diet Coke, ingredients for meat-sauce spaghetti, wine, a brownie mix and plenty of carrots and ranch dressing, all ready for reading or movie munching.
I intend to spend the entire day comfy, cozy, and lazing around the house. I have lots of bubble bath, lots of wine, lots of reading materials. And I’m not doing any homework. All of these things are making this year’s  birthday absolutely fan-freakin-tabulous.

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