Words + Music

Yesterday, two random strangers said they liked my tights. I mean, I knew they were somewhat fabulous–how could dark red lace tights be anything else? But the compliments made my day. A guy walking to his car in the parking lot waited until I pulled up behind his car to drive away, so I could get his parking spot close to the building. A cashier gave me a free refill of my hot chai in the campus diner, for absolutely no reason. A professor took nearly an hour of their day to help me hash out a project, and then sent me an email with some other ideas to consider. My interlibrary loan books came in three days before I expected them. I found the tall flat boots I wanted at T.J. Maxx, fifty bucks cheaper than advertised.
{My life is fabulous and I’m feeling a little bit like a rockstar.}

Yesterday, I was at school for nine hours. I had two incredibly stressful meetings, and another scheduled for today. I’m completely exhausted and have to be at school until 9 pm tonight. I have so much to do that I can’t quite comprehend the basics at this moment, much less anything else. I have a stack of ten books on my table which I need to read and analyze by Monday. I need to study for my Spanish class. I need to study for the GRE. I need to figure out where I’m applying to grad school. I need to run screaming from the room.
{My life is so freaking stressful I want to curl up and cry.}

Know what? Both of these statements are true.

Guess which one will help me have a lovely day today. Which do you think will help me feel like I’m… walking on sunshine? (Ok, that was awful. A smirk is permitted.)

I love this song. It is fabulous and it makes me happy. (And that’s kind of the theme today, in case you missed it.)

Have an absolutely lovely day!

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