Happy October!

I love October. (I can’t believe it’s already October. Lord.) Here in South Carolina, October is when the leaves are just starting getting pretty. October is when you can start thinking about all of those sweaters you bought on clearance last April. October is when I start wanting to curl up into some long delicious novel and just stay cozy. Oops. Never mind on that last one. That’s definitely not just October. My birthday is this month, and I refuse to dread it. (This is me taking a stand against all of that internalized pressure to be forever 21. And does anyone else find that store name just creepy? I mean, Juliet is forever 13, but are we really looking to share her fate? Yikes- no daggers for this breast thanks all the same. And dammit. Now I want to watch Leo and Claire.) ♥ My guy has a few days off from law school for fall break and gets to visit this month. (That makes my little heart go pitter-patter.)(And these are obviously not in order of priority. At all.) ♥ All of the pumpkins and gourds and weird, bumpy squash are heaped in gorgeous orange and yellow and pale green piles in the grocery stores, and the magazine aisles are full of ideas for carved pumpkins and caramel lattes and stews that simmer for hours and will taste like freaking heaven.

It all makes me very, very happy.

Happy October!

Also- hello and thank you to every one who stopped by last month! September was an exciting month for Southern Bluestocking. The monthly site hits nearly doubled from the previous month, the daily averages steadily increased and we passed a few other numbers-related goals of mine. So thanks! I’m absolutely thrilled that you popped in!

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