Happy Monday

This makes me smile, regardless of how busy life is at present. 

Today I’m officially starting my duties on a research project with one of my professors. I’m a tad nervous, as I always am at the onset of a new project. I’m not sure why that is–logically I know that there probably isn’t anything that I can screw up irreparably, and that I need to allow myself a bit of learning space… actually, though, I expect myself to be PPIEW (practically perfect in every way). (Obviously.) I’ll be videoing tutors and clients during their tutoring sessions at my university’s writing center, and then analyzing… lots of stuff. Not much can go wrong, eh? That’s what I’m telling myself. And I’ve a few dozen other tasks and chores and random things rattling around on my To Do List …as fundamentally crucial to this whole life-organizational structure that list is, sometimes the variety and number of items on said list seem a bit insurmountable. Phew! 

Nonetheless, I shall survive. Indeed, I shall prevail. Or at least I shall survive. As indeed, it is more than likely you shall, regardless of the perceived surmountability of your list. 

I hope your Monday is quite and utterly fantabulous, and that it most definitely has (wait for it) that swing.  

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