Words + Music

So I kind of love this. And here’s why: (you knew that was coming, didn’t you? As if I could just leave something with “this is awesome. the end.”) I’m in an advanced creative writing class this semester. It isn’t a requirement, I basically organized my academic schedule around this class after getting so much help from this professor last semester. I’m supposed to have my novel done by December (ahem) but I’ve been stymied by the distance between what I want to write (I want to be A.S. Byatt when I grow up. Yep, my dreams are small, but their mine, all mine.) and that which I see when I do write. Which, when I’m depressed about said styming gap, is considerably less than it should be. So I like this poster. Not necessarily because I  believe my taste to be innately and utterly fabulous (as the poster states is true of those who do creative work) but because I know what books I adore,  and this suggests that the distance between the ambition and the actuality is a bridgeable gap. 

Also, I’ve apparently begun appreciating the extraordinarily deep meanings in random online posters. I’m a little ashamed of myself, but only enough to point out that I realize it’s incredibly uncool and thus my posting anyway is a defiant reappropriation of emotion/meaning/yadda yadda in the face of a too-cool/meaningless/poser-type universe. Yeah, that. Which is in itself a incredibly cheesy poser-y move. Or whatever you kids are calling it these days. And you thought I was going to resolve the dissonance. Ha! 

And one from the vaults.  Just because it’s awesome. Like a chica-cherry cola. 


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