Saturday Snips: 9/17

~being a compendium of things that I found fabulous, reprehensible or plain unforgettable on the web this week~

  • Here’s why we should stand up for ourselves, ladies: otherwise He won’t marry you! (I knew there was a reason I respected myself!)
  • Now bring us a figgy, er, pizza. Check out this recipe from Centsational Girl for gourmet pizza, featuring figs, bleu cheese, prosciutto, green onion and mozzarella. Good god–must. make. immediately.
  • Awful: check out this graph of the wage gap for recent grads.
  • I’m in favor of anything that helps us get a handle on AIDS, but glow in the dark cats are flat-out creepy.
  • Cherry vanilla buttercream cupcakes. Mother-of-god, I need these.
  • I have this weird alterna-personality fascination with Gala Darling, an incredibly quirky (and way popular) New York blogger. Well, she got married a week or so ago, and it looks as absolutely cool and incredibly stylish as one would expect. She wore bright pink sparkly heels. And they match the pink in her tattoo sleeves. Yup- maybe my fascination isn’t all that weird. Anyway, pictures of the ceremony, dress, shoes, and all that jazz right here.
  • A graph of abortion restrictions, state by state. South Carolina is number 6, with a mandatory waiting period; physician, hospital, ultrasound and counseling requirements; targeted regulation of abortion providers; mandatory parental involvement; scarcity of providers and limitations on insurance coverage.
  • Ernest Hemingway paper dolls. Because everybody needs Ernest Hemingway paper dolls.

And there you have it. Hope you have a very happy weekend!

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