It’s the little things…

that make life beautiful. And on other days, it’s the little things that help you hang on until it’s tolerable again. (Which is logical, I suppose, as it is usually the little things that made life seem intolerable, too.)

Tonight, I’m contemplating the change that pretty posies make in my general outlook. It’s a considerable improvement. I think the roses are doing more than the Riesling.  

I love how the shades in these two bunches work with each other. I’ve not exactly jumped on the orange-and-pink bandwagon–the combination usually features tones at the hot/bright end of the spectrum, which I generally prefer to use a bit more sparingly–but I like these muted, smoothed-out shades together. The contrast is just enough to make it interesting. And the orange-y ones look like a creamsicle. 

(And yes, that’s a shot glass with a witch on it standing in for a bud vase. Because that’s what Jesus would do.) 

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