Feelin’ Fabulous

a mish-mash of all of the minor and major things that make me smile this week

1.) This CD.
Not new, but absolutely loving it this week.
Classic Duo: Music for Cello and Guitar, by Boris Andrianov and Dimitri Illarionov, available from
Amazon, or preview it here.

2.) This poster/this Marley quote.

Ok, it’s sappy. But I like it.

3.) More new lipsticks.
This week’s favorites: (all drugstore-cheap, so indulge!)

Pictured above: Burt’s Bees tinted lip balm (my shade Red Dahlia); Revlon: Just Bitten (my shade Instinct) and Burt’s Bees Lips Shimmer (my shade Caramel). The two Burt’s Bees are kind of interchangeable–the tinted lip balm has a bit more color, the shimmer has a bit more… yep, shimmer. Both seem more like chap stick than lipstick, (so I can put it on without a mirror!) And the Just Bitten stays on forever.

My lipstick-acquisition phase has reached previously unknown heights.
Que sera.

4.) New Burberry perfume: Summer
More in the “frivolous pretties” category. Yes, it’s called Summer. Yes, I know it’s September. Hush. I’m a sucker for Burberry perfume, but every time I get a bottle of the real stuff (Burberry Brit, Burberry Weekender, Burberry… whatever) it’s always a bit too deep for daily wear. I’m the girl who wore Elizabeth Arden Green Tea four years straight—I like the light, nature-y smells. (I think I can trace the popularity of the “fresh/clean” perfumes in this country to the Protestant roots of American culture—but then again, I’m a little nuts.) So yes, Burberry Summer- I love the citrus-y overlay to the basic Burberry scent. And it’s such a beautiful shade of pink, gleaming amidst the clutter of my bedside table.

5.) Melatonin.

Because apparently I’m Wonder Woman and don’t actually need to sleep. Sigh.

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