Calm-the-Crazies Chili

Chili in August, you ask? Have I gone completely around the bend? Well, perhaps. My semester started out with a bang, a deluge, an avalanche…I spent the weekend much more diligently employed than I usually find myself this early in the semester. I’m a bit more comfortable with the marathon research sessions coming at the end of the semester—so I’m feeling perhaps just a tad overwhelmed at the moment. But shall survive, shall struggle on, shall prevail.

Onward and upward and all that crap. 

So, to fuel the next ten hours at my desk, I need to make dinner from things in the pantry, it has to be really quick, and (ideally) it will provide enough food for me for several days. So yep, chili in August.

Here’s what you need:

    1. Ground beef or turkey. Somewhere between half a pound and a pound.
    2. An onion, chopped
    3. A can or two of diced tomatoes
    4. A few cans of beans

Here’s what you do:

1. Toss the beef and chopped onion in the skillet, let the meat brown. Photo2

2. Transfer meat and onions to a soup pot, add (liquid and all) all of your cans of stuff. Photo1 (2)


3. Stir it up, add about a can and a half of water. Photo4

(I also tossed in half of a green pepper that was getting ready to go bad, a shake or so of Mrs. Dash and some paprika. And half a beer. Because I wanted the other half. But none of that is strictly necessary.)

Leave all of this simmering on the stove and go do some homework. Come back in an hour, three hours, whatever. It’ll be ready when you are.

And it takes about 10 minutes (I timed myself. Because I’m cool like that.) and you have food for a week. Aren’t you fabulous? Yep, you are.

Now get back to work.

You can take your dinner with you.

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