The bee’s knees, the duck’s quack and the cat’s partic’lars (what I’m loving right now)

1.) Being home. I love traveling, I’ve had a phone 003wonderful summer and have been able to do and see some amazing things. But I love the peace of my little house, my overflowing bookshelves, my affectionate pets, my five zillion coffee choices. And eventually I will get my suitcase completely unpacked. In this, I have the utmost faith.

2.) The upcoming semester. This is the last semester of my undergraduate degree—and I’m very excited about my classes. I’m continuing with my Victorian Supernatural project (that’ll be most of my focus for the next few months—it’s the topic for both my senior seminar paper and an independent study…so I should know a lot about this when I’m done), continuing with the work-in-progress (yikes!), and I’m contemplating another project which isn’t yet formulated enough to even encapsulate. But it’s exciting. I also have to take the GRE and apply to grad schools (which at the moment is more intimidating than exciting) so I’m not completely sure how I’ll have time for everything… but it’ll all work out.

3.) Wild Mountain Blueberry Coffee, made by Green Mountain Coffee. Oh my god, this stuff is delicious. Sounds weird, eh? Fruit flavored coffee? But it works. And it is delicious. It’s been making my mornings quite wonderful since I got home. (This one is thanks to the boyfriend who brought it for me when he last visited. Makes me happy—both the coffee and the boyfriend.)

4.) New makeup. I’ve been a drugstore makeup-user since I started using makeup. I had friends in high school who came to cheerleading camp outfitted with sleek, pale-green Clinique compacts or envy-inducing MAC eye shadows, but I knew without asking that expensive makeup didn’t exactly rate in the family budget. Even when the budget was my own, and the finances were there, I preferred to go the CVS route rather than the Macy’s counter. But I’ve finally found reasons to shell out a little moolah.

I’ve never yet found an eyeliner that goes besl112_eyes_MakeUpForeverAquaEyeson smoothly and stays on. Until now. Make Up For Ever, Aqua Eyes. This stuff is fabulous. Bought it at Sephora, cost $18.00, and it was money well spent. Honest to god. It just stays put.

Clinique Almost Lipstick in Black Honey. This is the lipstick that is supposed to flatter everybody—I don’t know about that, but it’s definitely my favorite. It’s sheer, not an OMG-LIPSTICK look, just a little bit of color to help keep the fact that you only got four hours of sleep last night between you and your pillow. And at $15.00, it’s cheaper than that set of Burt’s Bee’s lip balms that you just bought. Though those are nice too.

(Neither of these are new products—they’ve both been around for quite a while. But the eyeliner is new to me, and the lipstick was also a relatively recent acquisition. They’ve both won various Best Of awards [Elle, Allure], and they definitely get my vote.) Photo1

5.) The (frugal) impulse purchase. There’s nothing quite so smile-inducing as fresh flowers in the kitchen. Makes me happy.

For all of these reasons, and so many others, I’m finding life rawther fabulous.

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