(Going to) My Old Kentucky Home

Today was our annual epic trek to my family homestead in Kentucky. This year we’re staying for five days… I think I packed more for this than for last year’s two week Japan trip. And I didn’t start packing until this morning. It was lots of fun.

Ginger gets terribly anxious when our suitcases are not properly stowed in closet. Leetle bit of separation anxiety going on…she was absolutely frantic by this point and had been moaning for hours. Note that she’s sitting on top of the bag I’m packing. Such a silly little girl.


My contribution to the journey is obviously the most important. I’m the deejay, travel writer, snack provider and chief knitter. I didn’t have to drive at all. (Yep, I’ve got it good. I know.)


While the guy refills the gas, Ginger and I wander around and sniff all the weird smells (her) and take pictures of everything (me). Is it weird that I take pictures of flowers at gas stations? These just looked so cheerful… and much prettier than the concrete and trash.

And finally, Kentucky. I love this place–it is just so beautiful. This picture on the left is about a minute from my family homestead (pictures of which will indubitably be shared in the near future); the picture on the right is just one of the five zillion cornfields that we drove by. I feel like Norman Rockwell… and for a week or so, that’s absolutely fabulous.


And the highlight of the trip:


A deer! And that made Ginger’s trip worthwhile. As for me and my trusty driver, I think we’re just happy the driving is over and the vacation has begun.

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