After these messages, we’ll be right back.

Many apologies for the unexpected blogging sabbatical- my school/work/life balance is (temporarily, I hope) completely and horrifically out of whack. In fact, the word balance is almost laughable… right now it’s more of a case of how early can I get up, how much studying can I get done, how quickly can I get to work and how far behind am I still. Wretched. 

 But, never fear, the end is in sight, and there is lots of summer fun on the horizon. The guy is coming into town and we’ve big plans–a week at the lake, a whirlwind trip to Chicago, an even faster trip to DC and a few weeks in Japan. All of which I’ll be babbling about incessantly, posting pictures, over-analyzing and generally just telling you all about every little thing. Because, well, that’s what I do. 

So, until I find a space to breathe (and by breathe I mean talk about something other than work or school),  put your feet up, plan something fun, and have a little Billie. 

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