Blissful Ignorance

She's confident and beautiful. Don't you wish you were confident and beautiful?

Have you heard about this?

It seems we female-types have been blissfully ignoring a major problem with our bodies. I’m flooded with deep feelings of shame and would like to send a heart-felt apology to all have been affected by my negligence. Truly.

According to a new study, 93% of women think their armpits are ugly. Ugly. Not too sweaty or difficult to shave. This isn’t a stronger deodorant or a new razor to get the nooks and crannies. We’re talking the aesthetics of the underarm.

According to this same study, which was online, anonymous, and run by Unilever, the company that owns Dove, that shame affects the wardrobe choices women make and results in decreased confidence.

Until now, I’ve incorrectly assumed that my daily razor/deodorant routine was sufficient for that area of my body. Naturally other areas are always strictly monitored: the eyebrows have daily inspection, those not in line are ruthlessly eliminated;  the heels are grated and buffed to a forearm smoothness. Under eye circles are masked and the errant frizz of hair is tamed. But the humiliating shame of my underarm area had completely escaped me.

So, to join the arsenal of other tools I need to maintain this complicated, fragile and problematic female body of mine, add the resolution of my horrific underarm embarrassment: Dove’s new GoSleeveless deodorant.

It’s so nice of them to supply the solution, just as this truly dreadful problem was realized.

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