Let’s face it, she’s pooped!

It’s the first day of finals in my little corner of the universe. It’s six in the morning, and I’ve been up for three hours. 

In honor of that (horrific/depressing/utterly exhausting) fact, and for all my friends whose eyes are similarly bloodshot, whose coffeepots are constantly percolating, whose to-do lists could rival War and Peace in length,  here ya go. 

Let’s face it, she’s pooped!

I suspect she and I are tired for very different reasons–as *ahem* well-rounded as Ms. Von Schtupp undoubtedly is (yep, that’s a boob joke. apparently I’m twelve today) she never mentions the composition of some drivel about a post-colonial feminist analysis of Heart of Darkness as a reason for the exhaustion. (Though wouldn’t that be interesting!)

Anyway–Happy Tuesday! May your coffee stay hot, your brain keep functioning, and the bumps on the shoulder of the road wake you up before you crash.

(or before you go-go, whichever comes first.)

♥The bee’s knees,  the duck’s quack and the cat’s particulars♥
(what I’m loving right now): 

...poppies will put them to sleep...My flowery scarf. The woman who sold me my Diet Mountain Dew said it looked happy, and I agree. It does.  And we all can use a little more happy.

My candy stash. Sugary joy.  ...from my favorite boy. (aww)

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