Fri-tta-to/fri-tta-ta: quick, easy and oh-so-good

I plan to be at my kitchen table, diligently working on final semester projects, most of the weekend. I have much to do. So I need provisions.

I’ve never made a frittata–I’ve made omelets (usually with less than stellar results… I want them to end up pretty, perfectly folded and golden on the outside. Mine rarely do) and quiches (which need a bit more planning, requiring milk and a pastry shell, things that I usually don’t have on hand) but this frittata will be added to my go-to, use-what-you-have, quick and easy** recipe standby list. I don’t think I’ll even need a recipe in the future–it’s that easy. But this time, I used a recipe recently posted on From Scratch (with several additions/changes.)

First, marshal your forces and clear the field.

Apparently, the field upon which my forces marshal is a pretty striped dishcloth. And I'm completely ok with that.

You will need:

-6 eggs
-approx 2 tsp of olive oil
-about a cup of feta cheese
-a clove or so of garlic*
-some chopped mushrooms*
-about a fourth cup of red onion*
-approx of cup of chopped tomato*
-a pinch of dill weed*
-salt and pepper to taste

*These are all optional, use whatever is in the fridge.

Obviously, the measurements aren’t precise. Usually, this infuriates me (Brown until it’s done? But how how how do I know know know?) But it works in this recipe–basically, you are just tossing a bunch of stuff in with your eggs and baking it. Not rocket science. Rockets create lots of smoke. This really shouldn’t.

  • preheat the oven to 400
  • saute the garlic in the olive oil (if you are using garlic) for about a minute in a pan you can put in the oven (I used my trusty iron skillet. I love my trusty iron skillet. Reminds me of my granny.)
  • mix up the eggs, salt and pepper
  • pour eggy mix (like an iggy mix, but with fewer teddybears) over the sauted garlic
  • layer everything else in–feta cheese, mushrooms, tomatoes, onions–no particular order but as evenly distributed as possible
  • sprinkle dill on top, if desired
  • keep on stove top until edges are set (they’ll start to pull away from the edges of the pan a bit)
  • then bake for about 10 minutes on 400

And that’s it! Bask in how delicious it smells while it cools, then dive in.

Absolute yum.

**any time a recipe is lauded as ‘quick and easy’ I’m reminded of that ridiculous joke: “If you are what you eat, then I’m fast, cheap and easy.”

I share because I care.

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