I’ve got a golden twinkle in my eye…

After a ridiculously rotten day at the salt mines, I’m recovering by revisiting late Victorian London with Sherlock Holmes while planning out the rest of my semester. So much to do. Lest I begin rocking in a corner, I’ll consider this a digression and move on.

I’ve decided that if I complete everything on my agenda to the best of my ability and in a timely manner, I get a prize.

Here’s my choice:

Isn't it purdy?

It is the Feather and Fringe necklace from Ann Taylor- I kind of fell in love with it when my sister and I were window-shopping in Atlanta. And just like that, lo and behold, I am completely bereft without a flash of golden feathers. Who knew?

And while my GPA and the added lines to my CV should be enough to keep me motivated throughout the end of the semester, I think the promise of a pretty bauble is just what is needed. I feel a bit like a character from a Maupassant story.

And, just like that, my to-do list feels a bit more manageable.

Apropos of  absolutely nothing but the title:

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