I’d rather go blind (than to see you walk away from me)

I love that my Kindle lets me switch to granddaddy-big-font when my eyes hurt. Which is frequently. (I have the sneaking suspicion that my eyeballs have not evolved to a point that makes staring at a computer for fourteen straight hours comfortable. I may or may not be alone in this truly humiliating debility.)

Anyway, impending blindness aside, I do love the option to ’embiggen’ my font. Makes me happy.

I also love that I was able to download the entire Bronte canon for free. I’m currently reading Villette, and planning to work my way through them all this calendar year. Now that’s the kind of goal I can really commit to.

(Obviously, putting my book down and resting my eyes is not really an option that I’ve considered. As such, apparently, I’d rather go blind. Besides, I love this song.)

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