I’ve been to the Willie Wonka Factory. Be jealous.

I was in Atlanta last weekend for SEWSA and my presentation on the Victorian Supernatural. And- major plus- I got to see my sister, who made the absolutely insane decision to move away from me to live in Atlanta some three years ago. Ahem. And a moment of silence.

Ok, moment’s over. Anyway, we’ve both been kind of insanely busy this year, so even though we’re less than three hours away, this is the first time we’ve gotten together since December.

We had lots of fun. We went to Atlantic Station for dinner. Atlantic Station isn’t a restaurant–it’s an area of Atlanta that has streets and streets of restaurants, bars and stores, all topped with fancy-schmancy lofts. The whole area is beautiful: great architecture, convenient sidewalks, gorgeously decorated store windows, sidewalks, street lamps, trees and grass. I’m a fan of trees and grass. It’s like an old-fashioned town center for the rather wealthy. The stores are all quite upscale and the loft prices are astronomical. But they let even us poor academic-types in to look, so we had fun.

We wandered around after dinner critiquing window displays and talking. And lo and behold, we found Willie Wonka. He says his name is Kilwin, now. (Maybe he’s trying to put the creepiness behind him with new nomenclature. If so, I just inadvertently outed him. Whoops.)

Here is what is fabulous about Kilwin’s:

And they had karaoke! The girls in the middle are singing, the blue screen is partially visible in the far right of the picture. I had Poker Face in my head for the rest of the night. No, I didn’t join in- what happens in Japan, stays in Japan….

And best of all…

Chocolate macchiato cup ice cream.

Life is good.


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