All-engrossing books and pretty pink flowers…

In the grocery tonight I had to smile at the completely oblivious little girl, walking slowly next to her mother, one hand touching the cart her mother was pushing, the other holding her book three inches from her nose. We crossed paths several times in the course of our respective shopping expeditions… she didn’t lift her head once.

I was so that girl.

My mom’s favorite “you could have died!” story about me happened when I was about 10–I was reading in the back seat on the way, oddly enough, to the grocery. I was totally engrossed in whatever I was reading–when the car stopped, I swung my door open and got out, all without looking up from my book.

We were not in the parking lot. We were in the center lane of the highway, trying to make a left-hand turn.  (Spoiler alert: I survived.)

And that completely oblivious little bookworm that I was survived too…she would have been so freaking excited about our present, deadlines and stress notwithstanding. I spent the majority of my day reading and talking about books. I mean, does life get any better?


Best moment of the day: a little old lady bought a hyacinth plant, then broke off one of the blooms and gave it to me. She said I looked like I needed a flower. (I imagine I actually looked like I needed about a week of sleep, but a stranger can’t really help with that.)

Anyway, makes me happy. In fact, I’m positively silly over pretty pink flowers.

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