Grocery Shopping Skillz

Tonight I ran to the grocery for some absolute necessities (celery, carrots and ranch) for my marathon studying session. (Yes, I’m a hard-partying rock star. If only you could be so cool.)

I ended up behind this woman in the check-out line who had one of those massively overstocked carts… and when she checked out, her total was surprisingly low. (As I’m typing this, I’m realizing how creepy this seems–random person stalking your grocery-buying habits– but it wasn’t like that, officer. Honest!)

Anyway, we had been chatting, (I had asked her how she prepares… something. Don’t remember what. Clearly I was engaged in the conversation.) and I mentioned that I was impressed with her shopping skills.

She said she used, a website that charts when different (Southern) (obviously) groceries put things on sale, sends you alerts for great deals, gives links to coupons… all sorts of save-y type stuff that could conceivably save lots of money. It even has a section called “Learn to Coupon.” How cool is that?

(Even when they're cute, they're intimidating.)

I’ve never been a coupon-user. At all. It seems like so much work– all of those fussy little wallets with too many pockets, the inevitable blizzard when you open it too quickly and all of your cut-outs come flying out, scouring aisles for particular brands, having to get store managers to override things and holding up lines at the grocery… really not how I shop.

But after seeing the amount of food this woman got for the amount of money that other people were spending on way fewer items, dude, I might just be a convert.

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