It’s a little out of character, but I love this song.

This is one of Brandi Carlile’s many versions; my favorite is a live version she did at KRWC.

Oddly enough, this song is connected in my mind with John Lennon, specifically with the death of John Lennon, which is why I’m posting today.

Two summers ago, my boyfriend and I walked by The Dakota and through Central Park on an absolutely sweltering day in early August. Coming from the direction of The Dakota, the Strawberry Fields memorial was just inside the entrance to the park.

There were people everywhere, falling over themselves and each other to get the perfect vacation shot of the memorial.

This old guy was playing Beatles songs, slowly and melodically, on a beaten up guitar; for some reason he switched over to Hallelujah just after we walked up.

The people milling around and pushing and snapping pictures all seemed to get a little quieter, a little more peaceful. It was just one of those perfect, slightly melancholy moments that reminds you that you are fundamentally connected to the hundreds of strangers in the crowds around you.

Strawberry Fields Forever

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