Wanderlust: The Alhambra

This is where I would go today if the twin obstacles of money and school didn’t loom quite so menacingly.

The Alhambra, in Granada, Spain

Isn’t it beautiful? Check out the interior:

I’m not sure why columns make a space seem so peaceful and still to me. This courtyard reminds me of one we spent hours admiring at the Cloisters in New York. I’d love to spend a few hours here as well.
The proportions–the arches, the column, the ceilings–are so  beautiful.
The illusion of depth in the ceiling is achieved through mocarabe, an architectural element prevalent in Islamic designs of this era, made up of stalactite-like hangings from the ceiling into the room.
Look at the colors and the detail– I can’t imagine actually seeing this.  I think I’d run into walls looking at the ceiling

And since, of course, the focus shouldn’t be solely on the realm of wealth or power, here’s the view from the Alhambra looking over Granada:

Also beautiful, and completely different. I love the white-washed houses… can’t you just see them tinged red in the summer sunset?

I’d embark immediately if I didn’t have lots of homework, two fur-covered beasties who depend on me for snacks and cuddles, and a shockingly low bank balance. Perhaps someday… until then depending on Google images to keep my wanderlust in check.

Happy imaginings!


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