Sunday Morning Laziness

This morning I’m trying (rather unsuccessfully, truth be told) to get myself in gear. But like Bartleby… yeah, you get it. Homework needs to be done, the house is a little messy, and I’m feeling profoundly and fundamentally uninspired to tackle any of it. It happens.

Aunt Peaches' awesome cow-head vase. Dude.

So here I am, watching Murder on the Orient Express (love me some Agatha), and reading Aunt Peaches‘ blog archives. I found this blog yesterday–she has a tutorial on how to make a cow-head vase. I mean, really! I don’t think I particularly need a cow-head vase at this juncture, so I might not tackle that project, but she has about a million others that I will. I love her creativity: use what ya got and make it awesome. I’d embroider that on a pillow if I were an embroidering kind of gal.

Aunt Peaches' coffee filter flower

Embroidery and bovine beauties may not be in my future, but her coffee filter flowers definitely are. Can’t wait. Maybe this week. Stay tuned, batman.

(You know that whole thing where I was afraid my school schedule would keep me from having a weekly creative-type thing? –back when I was talking about the new blog schedule… I know, I talk a lot. You are forgiven for forgetting. Anyway, with temptation like this around, I don’t think the crafts are going to suffer. I’m a little afraid for my GPA though…. )

Lord. I digress. Incessantly. As I was reading Auntie P’s blog, I came across her link to Design*Sponge‘s article on dahlias. And the dahlias are purdy so I thought I’d share. The end.

So gorgeous. There are about a zillion other pictures in the original post so clickity-click on over there.

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