Schemes and Themes

As I read my favorite blogs (which I do rather compulsively), I’ve noticed that bloggers who write with any regularity often have some sort of organizing plan: on Mondays they talk about such and such, on Tuesdays something else, and so on. I doubt if it really affects their audiences much, I certainly don’t check in because they are writing about, say, recipes on Thursdays, but I imagine that it is helpful for a blogger to have a plan.

Obviously, any plan followed mindlessly will get boring, (and what’s the fun of a plan if you can’t go off on the occasional tangent?) but I think an underlying framework for this blogging endeavor of mine would help focus my thoughts a bit as I attempt to make daily writing a habit instead of a dream.

So with that in mind, here we go: (drum roll please…)

  • Monday: Favorite Feminist Bio (Pretty much exactly what it sounds like… I pick someone from history or the present and get to talk about them. I’ll tell you who they were, what they did, what the ramifications of their actions might be, if their life story reminds me of some random song from the 80’s…whatever strikes my fancy. Sounds like fun, eh? To me too!) I’m thinking this might not be exactly what I want to talk about. Restricting Mondays to being just about biographical sketches seems more narrow than I’m envisioning this- so I’m going to go with …
  • Monday: Fabulous Feminism (this may be a bio, may be a news story, may be something I read or learned recently, whatever strikes my fancy. Of course, this runs a very real risk of slopping all over Tuesday’s What I’m Reading category, but that’ll just have to be ok.)
  • Tuesday: What I’m Reading (Again, explanation isn’t really terribly necessary here–I’ll tell you what I’ve been reading, what I found fascinating, what I was bored stiff by, all of the book-type stuff I love. I make no promises that this will be the only book post of the week… just that Tuesday will serve as a kind of round-up.)
  • Wednesday: What I’m Working On (This is where I’ll talk about whatever crafty-type stuff I’ve been getting up to. Knitting, crocheting, upholstery, furniture fixes, soap-making, sewing, and the million other things that I’m doing or have been planning to try or get back to, given world enough and time. This is the segment that I’m a bit concerned about… Full-time student schedules don’t allow copious amounts of time for extra-curricular projects… but I’m going to try.)
  • Thursday: dunno yet. It’ll come to me.
  • Friday: Best of My Week (This will be, ahem, the best of my week: a statement by a professor or a connection between two areas of study that just seem utterly fascinating to me, the book I can’t stop talking about, the new restaurant that I went to and loved, the project that has been taking all of my time, whatever.)
  • Saturday/Sunday: New Recipe Review

At least, that’s the plan right now. And here’s to having a plan! Again!

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