Whistle while you… yeah, it’s a cheesy reference. But it’s who I am, dammit.

This week is shaping up to be a little hectic. I need to finish Midnight’s Children and Ties that Bind , study/prep for an essay exam on Tuesday, and create and submit abstracts for SEWSA (Southeastern Women’s Studies Association) by November 15, and the UNC Queer Conference by November 1. Le sigh.

I’d really rather just sit in front of the television, knitting and watching NCIS, but I think I’ve dragged my feet this semester as long as I possibly can. I’ve kind of just not been up to school work… or anything all that mentally stimulating or even slightly taxing… since the whole big work fiasco in August. In retrospect I wonder if getting off my ass earlier would have been better for my emotional, as well as financial, state. Obviously, not much I can do about that now. But (as PBS tells me) knowing is half the battle, and in recognizing my disinclination to tackle big projects, I can more profitably plan mini-breaks to keep myself motivated through the brainiac marathon that must come. Well, makes sense to me, anyway.

Speaking of manageable goals: a post a day this week. Fingers crossed.

And that’s all for now!

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