Crafty Stuff: Knit Lace

I’ve been teaching myself to knit over the past several months… it’s going rather slowly because my night-time knitting is usually accompanied by a glass of wine or so… and in my experience it is usually easier to learn something if you can focus on it (both mentally and optically.) But I’m learning, regardless of the vino, and to that end I am working on learning new stitches.

This is my second project where I’ve actually had to count- (my previous projects have been beginner-style scarves that I just kind of eye-balled to get to desired size.) I’m currently also working on a ribbed shawl/cowl thing about which I’ll soon post.

This is my first lace knit and the first project using anything other than knit and purl stitches.  The pattern is made by decreasing six stitches into three, then ‘knit over-ing’ in the six center stitches, the decreasing six stitches into three (you always stay at 22 cast on, it helps me to think about subtracting 3, adding 6, subtracting 3… I’m quite sure I’m describing this horribly, luckily Sweet little domestic life has much more intelligible instructions.) So, yay! I now know some more stitches.

Here’s my version:


I’m very proud. (Imagine it blocked–it will look much better then.)

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